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Chances are, you’ve come across various friction points in your everyday work: that simple task that takes way too long and delays your workflow; that friction point in your project that is repetitive and costly, or that technical problem in a project that seems impossible to fix.

We see these challenges as opportunities.

Privilege Fund is a venture studio that provides the network, creativity and capital to build innovative startups that solve the problems businesses encounter every day. At Privilege, we look to build solutions to problems that are common and costly to businesses.

How it works

  • Simply tell us about a pain point in your line of work. Our team will review your application and determine if it meets our criteria, which you can review at
  • We build you a solution. Privilege will put together a team with the necessary skills and expertise to build a solution that works.
  • A company is created and equity is given to you. You get ownership in the startup that solves the problem facing your industry, and build wealth as a result.

What we’re looking for

  • Industry Experience – you have expertise in your domain
  • Deep familiarity with the problem – you have experienced the problem enough to understand it deeply, and know other professionals in your industry with the same problem.
  • Communication Skills – you can clearly explain why the problem is significant and relevant to your industry.

What we’re offering

  • Experience – We’re good at turning business problems into commercially viable tech startups.
  • Capital – We fund teams to build product solutions and get them to a point where they can raise investment for scaling.
  • Product Management – We coach our teams to follow a set of world class product development principles.
  • Equity – Successful startups are registered as companies. You then receive equity in the company.

How To Apply

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