Coming up with business ideas especially when your budget is lean can be a hard task. Will you manage to buy everything you need? Will you make profits or losses? Will you meet the needs of your customers? All these questions will come up as you plan to start a business.

If you are open-minded, you will realize there are so many small businesses that can be started with a small budget.

Here are four business ideas you can start with a budget of Ksh 100,000;

  1. Online Business.

For someone looking to start a business that is less demanding and affordable, an online business is the best. You can either sell clothes, accessories, makeup or perfumes.

Ladies shop online more often therefore it is wise to stock their items. If you can manage, sell to both genders.

Jewelry is the most affordable in terms of stocking and selling. All you need to do is start an online page on your social media platform, take good pictures of the commodities and find a way of selling that will entice customers. Wholesale prices are usually the most effective.

  1. Play station and Movie Shop.

Play station and movie shop is a business that is most suitable for students. 32-inch Television screens go for as low as ten thousand shillings. With Ksh 40,000 you can get four screens. Internet and other installation will be catered for with the remaining Ksh 60,000.

Finding the right place to do this business is the most important factor. Find a space where students can easily access because they form the biggest percentage of the customers to this business venture.

  1. Catering.

When it comes to the catering business, you can never miss clients. All you need to do is offer a wide range of services to meet the demands of a larger number of clients.

Most working-class people living in urban areas look for professional chefs to cook for them in their homes. There are so many events that happen from day to day and catering services are always needed. All institutions need catering, so, if you are unemployed, this is a good business you can start.

  1. Hair Dressing and nail parlor.

This idea is suitable for anyone. All you need for a start are the basic salon and parlor equipment such as a blow drier, nail polish, combs, towels and mirrors.

Employ someone if you cannot do the services yourself but if you can, with time, you can employ one or two people for more revenue. In universities, student centers offer facilities one can install such a business in. Take advantage of this business idea!


To start a business, you should study the market well. Know what people want then offer the goods or services that fall in your budget. You would not want to start a business and not have customers hence making losses.