Senior Security & Investigations Officers Job, Security Kenyan Jobs 2022,

Equity Bank is one of the region’s leading banks whose purpose is to transform the lives and livelihoods of the people of Africa socially and economically by availing them modern and inclusive financial services that maximize their opportunities. With a strong footprint in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and DRC Congo, Equity Bank is now home to over 12 million customers – the largest customer base in Africa. Currently the Bank is seeking additional talent to serve in the role outlined below


  • Conduct interviews to obtain information useful in resolving a fraud case
    Collect, analyze, and interpret relevant documents and financial records to obtain clues regarding a monetary controversy/Dispute
  • Carry out analysis of obtained evidences and clues to determine possible suspects
  • Collaborate with audit, infosec,Risk and legal professionals to develop strategies useful in resolving a fraud
  • Maintain an honest/ethical benchmark when conducting investigations to ensure a non-discriminatory analysis
  • Ensure accurate documentation and record of all interrogations and overall investigative operations
  • Interrogate suspects to obtain information or clues useful in cracking illegal financial schemes
  • Proffer recommendations to organizations on ways to minimize risk of fraud
  • Conduct investigations to arrive at logical conclusions as to the identities of fraud perpetrators and the strategies they employed
  • Analyze financial documents and data to identify inconsistencies in records
  • Utilize various IT and accounting tools in detecting financial discrepancies
  • Develop and implement effective strategies useful in addressing a fraud situation
  • Oversee the orienting and training of fraud investigation personnel
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of trends in financial manoeuvres as well as current techniques employed in detecting fraudulent operations


  • Bachelor’s degree in law, Business Administration, Finance, Economics, security studies, police, or related disciplines,\
  • Technical training in security management & Investigations
  • Hold a professional qualification in a relevant field
  • Any law enforcement agency certification in Basic investigations techniques, intelligence ,and Criminal analysis courses.
  • Relevant experience as a Investigator, Criminal Analyst, Cybercrime investigator
  • Must possess knowledge and experience in Security management & Investigations.

Functional skills

• Strong data analysis skills

• Posses good organizational, planning and analytical skills

• Impeccable bias for action and strategic disposition

• Focused and result oriented

Behavioral Attributes

• Interpersonal skills

• Communication skills

• Positive attitude

• High Integrity

• Team Player

How to Apply

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