General Sports Manager Job in Kenya 2019

Job Title: General Sports Manager

We are recruiting

Our client is a leading football club in Kenya, having been in existence for over 10 years.

The club seeks to improve its current league standings with the aid of a seasoned team manager who can take advantage of available opportunities and skills to grow and cement its position.

The preferred candidate should also be well versed with both growing internal talent and bringing on board exceptional talent through other incentives.

Sports: Football, Basketball and Volleyball

Position Summary: Run, manage, organize, prepare, and provide communication and administrative leadership to the team managers, coaches and players of the football, basketball and volleyball sports in Kenya throughout the year. Work directly with various team managers’ to ensure the players and coaches experience the athletic, physical, economic, cultural and social benefits of participating in sporting activities in Kenya.

Core Objectives

  • To ensure the efficient & smooth running of the team;
  • To provide information and needed support to the other club officials;
  • To co-ordinate all off field football activities for the club;
  • To provide support to the committee members to ensure the efficient operation of the club;
  • Promote cohesion and a growth spirit in the club.

Responsibilities(include but are not limited to the following)

  • Completing and submitting all of the necessary paperwork for the club to the necessary authorities and personnel.
  • Manage assigned kitties for pre-planned expenses as outlined by the overseeing committee.
  • Liaise with official Club suppliers & other key stakeholders
  • Periodical reconciliation of funds disbursed.
  • Planning of strategy and play plans with the assigned and developed team members.
  • Formulate remuneration packages and contracts for players as well as specialized staff members; also ensure the contracts are executed.
  • Ensure that all contracts fall within the allocated budget and that variations are brought to the Committee prior to the Club being committed to the talent acquisition or equipment purchase.
  • Ensure enough support staff on both match days and training days.
  • Ensure player registration in accordance with the league rules
  • Undertake tasks at the request of the Committee
  • Work with the Management team to ensure that the registration guidelines for the stated sports are being followed
  • Actively prepare for and participate in the team trainings and various tournaments. This includes travelling with players from time to time as need be.
  • Provide an open line of communication between yourself and the team managers and coaches. This may include, but is not limited to: emails, calls, and mailings to meet the different needs of the stated sports in Kenya.
  • Work creatively to determine the best way to integrate team building and character building into the structure of the stated sports in Kenya.
  • Ensure that all internal dynamics of the sport are managed appropriately and quickly. This may include working with the Management Team to remove/assign players and/or coaches if needed and communicating effectively on any issues within the stated sports.
  • Handle conflict resolution within the stated sports, but also, as needed, with the football governing bodies in Kenya.
  • Ensure the safety and well being of all players and coaches at all times.
  • Assist the Management Team with ensuring that sports issues areaddressed in a professional and appropriate manner.
  • Attend all meetings on behalf of the stated sports and share information as it becomes available.


The club would be interested in individuals with over two years experience in a tier 1 team (League) or three years experience in a tier 2 team.

Education: Sports science or sports management higher diploma would be preferred.

We hereby invite all interested and qualified individuals to apply via with a detailed resume of previous works and at least 4 referees who can be contacted to verify the same.

Applications will be accepted until the 19th of March 2019.