Job searching is no longer as simple as applying for jobs then waiting to be called for interviews. In a competitive and network-driven job market, very few people can just simply put in an application, get an interview and land a job.

As a job seeker you need to utilize a variety of job-hunting techniques that will ensure you get that dream job.

Here are techniques you should use

  1. Stand Out

Standing out is the best way that the company you aspire to work, for will notice you. Employers receive so many applications when hiring. The first thing they do is to eliminate applications that do not impress them or those that have not followed the given instructions. To stand out, ensure that your CV is well written and easy to read. Give the interviewer a reason to call you for an interview.

  1. Apply for the Right Jobs.

One mistake most people do is to randomly apply for jobs. Organize yourself and search for a job opening using job search engines to help you easily find the ones that fall into your profession. You should keenly look at the job requirements and apply only to those you can qualify for. This does not necessarily mean that you should meet all the requirements for you to apply for a job. Just ensure you meet 70% of the qualifications.

  1. Write a CV and Cover Letter that will Market you.

Your CV and Cover letter is a representation of you before the employer meets you. So, what does your CV and cover letter say about you?

Writing a good CV and cover letter should be a priority. A precise and neat CV, that highlights your achievements and skills in the best way possible, will surely interest the employer. Plan to write each of them during separate times. Take your time and come up with an impressive CV.

  1. Networking.

Networking is still how most people get job opportunities. Use all your contacts to inquire about job openings because you never know who might come to your rescue. You can use LinkedIn to help you learn about the available job vacancies.

  1. Position yourself where Companies hiring can find you.

The best thing with technology is globalization. You can easily place yourself in a position where employer can notice you. Register yourself on social media sites such as LinkedIn since that is where most companies post their jobs. Build your profile as well so that you can impress them enough to want to meet you for an interview.

In conclusion,

Being strategic about your job search will save you a lot of disappointments. As you look for employment, follow the strategies you have read above and also ask employed people for advice. Have all your documents ready, organized, and neat, in case you get called for an interview.

All the best in your job search.