Junior Systems Administrator Job in Nairobi, Kenya 2019

Job Title: Junior Systems Administrator

Location: Nairobi

Industry: Service

Job Summary: As the Junior Systems Administrator, you will be responsible for overseeing the IT technical roles. You will be in-charge of the following but not limited to IT policies enforcement, hardware and software installations, general computer maintenance, user support as well as conducting regular user trainings.

Scope and Impact: This role is charged with the specific responsibility of overseeing smooth implementation of the IT Processes.

Key Responsibilities

  • Administer IT policies regarding use of computers and data access (i.e. updating virus software, set passwords, etc.) to ensure compliance with company and departmental guidelines.
  • Research on software applications for purposes of recommending standardized applications in accordance with the company technology goals.
  • Maintain manual and electronic files and/or records (e.g. permission levels, network identification, security access, licenses, work logs, etc.) to document activities, providing reference and audit trails.
  • Retrieve office access reports from the system and share with the General Manager.
  • Install hardware such as MAC and PC servers, print drivers and scanners to ensure availability for use by staff.
  • Install, configure and troubleshoot work stations within the company network.
  • Perform initial workstation computer, peripheral and server set-ups (i.e. installation, testing, configuring, assigning passwords, security clearances, imaging, etc.) to meet the computer processing needs of the users.
  • Maintain workstation and server functionality (i.e. install patches and/or upgrades, server and images; supports Active Directory, etc.) to ensure availability of desktop and server functionality for all users.
  • Provide training and in-service in general computer use, software applications, and file server operations to ensure efficient use of computers and/or software application.
  • Respond to staff inquiries with a view to provide support, technical advice and operational assistance.
  • Troubleshoot user issues with computer workstations and servers (i.e. application software’s, connectivity issues, peripheral malfunctions, etc.) with a view to provide immediate assistance to users for quick problem resolution.
  • Conduct computer maintenance on a quarterly basis while keeping proper and comprehensive documentation of the same.

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field.
  • Experience in Windows 7/8/10, Mac Operating Systems
  • Experience with managing Cyberoam firewall
  • Microsoft Certification preferred
  • Networking knowledge
  • 2 years minimum working experience.
  • A passion for IT with outstanding problem-solving skills, quality focus, as well as information analysis skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Outstanding work ethics (reliable, motivated, professional and ability to work under minimum supervision).

Ladies are highly encouraged to apply.

To apply, send your CV only to applications@flexi-personnel.com before 10th March 2019.

Clearly indicate the exact position (Junior System Administrator) applied for and your minimum salary expectation on the subject line.

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