With the numerous courses being offered by both public and private universities in Kenya, you may not know where to start. Should you pursue a degree or a diploma course? Which will make you marketable?

The truth is, there are diploma courses that are more marketable than degree courses today.

Here are the most marketable diploma courses in Kenya;

  1. Diploma in Journalism.

Most media houses hire journalists who possess diploma certificates. Today, there are over a hundred radio stations and over 20 TV stations in Kenya. Almost all companies now hire communications experts.

You can be self-employed as well by writing blogs or coming up with podcasts and content to sell. One good thing about Media is their salary. Some stations pay diploma certificate journalists over Ksh 300,000.

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication is the best place to study journalism. You can also apply to other universities that offer this diploma course like Multimedia University.

  1. Diploma in Pharmacy.

Graduates of diploma in Pharmacy can be employed or be self-employed and earn up to seven-figure salary. All you need to have to pursue this course is to a minimum grade of C plain in KCSE. Most students opt for the Kenya Medical Training College for this course.

The duration you need to accomplish this is just 3 years. Once you are done, you can easily secure a job at Kenya’s top pharmaceutical companies or any hospital.

  1. Diploma in Project Management 

When one pursues this diploma course, it gives you more chances of securing an NGO job which will, in turn, give you a salary of up to Ksh 150,000 per month plus allowances.

Many people have done this course but the vacancies available cannot render you unemployed for long. Companies look for project managers to handle their projects. You can also perform with contract-based assignments.

  1. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and electronics engineering is a marketable diploma course when it comes to self-employment. With the skills you acquire after studying this course, you can easily land a job at a manufacturing company or processing industry as well.

The moment you are done with this course, do not sit on your skills waiting to be employed. Start looking for clients for electrical installations, repairs, and related tasks.

  1. Diploma in Bakery.

The baking industry is the most profitable, especially in urban areas. Pursuing a course will render you, marketable when looking for a job or to start a business.

Cakes are the bestselling baked goods since people prefer them to bread nowadays. So, when you pursue this course, ensure you perfect your skills in baking them.


In conclusion,

As you look for a marketable diploma course to pursue, ensure you have a passion for it. Do not study for something just because it is marketable. This will most probably frustrate you later on. Do what interests you to perform best since a certificate without performance to show for it is as good as having pursued a course which will not sell you.