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Report to: Branch Manager / General Manager

Station: Mombasa and Nairobi


  • To efficiently manage the Branch Sales operations of Doshi & Company ( Hardware ) Limited- Mombasa Branch .
  • To set company and Sales departmental objectives before the start of financial year and get the same approval by the Branch Manager / General Manager.
  • To provide leadership and guidance to all Sales Executives working under him in order to meet branch Sales and Gross profit objectives.
  • To ensure that all objectives as set are being met within time period agreed by the Brach manager.
  • To maintain strict discipline and control on the company’s assets, records, information and on the Sales manpower.
  • To maintain highest quality of Customer handling and customer’s satisfaction level.
  • To advise Branch Manager about Sales & projects opportunities and threats with the action plan to tackle the same.
  • To complete & submit day today / Weekly procedure documents & or reports to the branch Manager as agreed with this comments and suggestions for improvements.


To efficiently handle the Branch Sales operations of “Doshi & Company (Hardware) Limited” which includes but not limited to the following:

  • To ensure that all the Sales executives of the Branch are working smoothly and efficiently and if they have any challenge, need to resolve it in efficient and timely manner for them to achieve the target.
  • To maintain and improve best possible business relationship with current and potential customers and to see that their requirements are being met efficiently and being communicated to them on timely manner on regular basis.
  • To constantly review the market conditions by visiting key customers and market in general on regular interval of at least twice in a month and submit a monthly report to the Branch Manager with complete assessment of market, providing details on competition, threats, opportunities, any operational problems and suggestions for improvements.
  • To arrange the market studies per Geographic area at regular interval with the help of Sales executives to understand strength and weakness for each of product range and also to assess new product requirements and submit the same to the Branch Manager with specific recommendation for improvement and development of new products along with feasibility study.
  • To do the gap analysis of Company presence on Country, County, City, Area level through Distributor, trader network.
  • To identify the new projects coming per area and to approach the decision makers of project through the sale executive in charge of the area to get into supply to it.
  • To have the market intelligence network, to protect company interest in terms of credit given, credit limits, run away, fraudulent customer etc.
  • To be in touch with top Key Branch Customers to maintain major sales achievements on monthly basis.
  • To have a weekly basis meetings on one to one basis with individual Sales Executives to make sure and to facilitate that the sales executive meet his respective targets in terms of total sale and Gross profit.
  • To assess “Sales man wise Sales report” on daily basis to;
  • Monitor Sales per day of the Branch and to take necessary measures.
  • Identify lacking of Sales target per Sales person and to discuss with that particular individual sale executive to boost his sales to achieve his target.
  • Identify Sales per product category and to boost the sales with focus on target market
  • Identifying the need of product training per sales executive and to arrange the same.
  • To monitor the gross profit per sales executive and to guide to make necessary correction.
  • To maintain all brand image, display in showroom in professional manner & to review it on time to time basis to make it more relevant and appealing to customers
  • Make arrangements of customer Invoices on timely manner so that customers are served with full efficiency by making sure correct information is fed into the IT system.
  • To make sure the delivery system on counter / warehouse is been managed efficiently so that Branch meet the expectations of customer.
  • To ensure all sales executives are filling up “Quotation Follow up” form, and to review the same on weekly basis to push the sales with scientific manner.
  • To develop new customers / markets / segments for Local / Exports at the business terms and price levels accepted by the Management
  • To ensure there is no dormant customer happening due to poor sales executive follow up of customer.
  • To ensure achievement of sales growth as per agreed targets in Budget for each market, product category, segments, etc.
  • To ensure collection reports circulated on timely manner on regular intervals to all sales executives and to make sure all the due collection is done on timely manner. And the final collective collection report is submitted to Branch manager on weekly basis for his Collection meetings with Director In-charge.
  • To review every day the pending delivery status and to liaise with Warehouse in charge to make sure the deliveries and done in specified time.
  • To work and perform as per the KPIs for Branch Sales and to submit all Sales executive KPIs including self with supporting documents to Branch Manager by 5th of every month for previous month.
  • To report consistent non-performance of Sales executive to Branch Manager for taking necessary disciplinary actions.
  • To make sure Cash sales are done as per the procedure in place and to make sure no money is received in individual sales executive’s personal Mpesa account , but received in Company Mpesa Account , and it is been reconciled on regular basis.
  • To send the requisition of locally procurement products to Procurement executive on timely manner and to make sure the goods are available for sales.
  • To make annual / Progressive stock take program in consultation with branch manager, and to utilize all sale force to complete the task.
  • To make sure all Sales force reports to work on time and are ready by 8.0 am to serve the customers.
  • To make a conclusive plan for up country sales trips for sales executives in consultation with individual sale executive.
  • To ensure to have Slow / dead stock list is been obtained / circulated and taken measures on regular basis to make that category with minimum valve stipulated under KPIs.
  • To make sure data steeling is not happening by sales executives by any manner and they are not colluding with competitors, not doing private business.
  • To maintain good discipline throughout the sales force and to lead them as a role model.
  • To create job descriptions (JD) and design Key Performance indicators (KPIs) for Sales Executives and to get them approved. Review them on yearly basis to make them relevant to current situation and to align them with objectives and goals of company
  • To have motivational and absolute directional meetings on by monthly basis with all sales force.
  • To identify the Visibility and advertising, marketing needs and to arrange for the same within given budget. And to review the same on time to time basis.
  • To make sure all sales force is well equipped with Company presentation, Product catalogues, and technical data.
  • Credit limits of accounts are being reviewed on regular basis and handled efficiently to upgrade it with given procedure.

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